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Nightscape of Bellevue City – The Unending Light Trail On I-405


These series of pictures was taken in 2012 around August.  I just bought my dream camera – the Nikon D800 and I am dying to try it out.  Since I have nothing else to do that night, I took my camera, the 50mm, the tripod and I am off the door.

It turn out to be a beautiful night, the weather was nice and calm with some beautiful clouds in the background for me to start the shoot.  It was also a night without wind, which always help when I am shooting on a tripod since I don’t have a heavy one.  Overall, a very nice night and a very enjoyable photo shoot outing.


The night was also not very cold, it was a perfect night to be out.  I took my time, enjoy the night scene between photos and taking in all the beauty the city has to offer at this hour.  I drive across this bridge almost everyday but I have never stop and view the city from this angle before, especially at this hour until now.  Even though there are still traffic zipping through I-405 below, it is much calmer at this hour, and it actually sparks a sense of serenity standing here watching the traffic below, and the city with the night sky as the backdrop.


The D800 is simply amazing at it’s ability in capturing details.  Look at the texture of the highway, I didn’t even realized the road look this way until I saw this photo.  It almost look like the road is wrinkled isn’t it?  How interesting.


I really like this photo above, it is perhaps my most favorite one.  The illumination of the light trails in black and white really contrasting well with the surrounding darkness, especially around the lower part to the photo.  This contrast really gives this photo a feeling that I very much enjoy.


All of the pictures in this series is taken with the Nikon 50mm f/1.8 on the D800.  I found it to be a good combination and I do like the outcome of the photos.


I purposely expose the above photo with less time than the rest to give it a feeling of lateness.  After the last car passed by, would the city’s light finally be dim and all return to darkness?  Let the city sleep as well, under the beautiful night sky.

/Lumaca Moderno

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