A Pack-Rat Way To Photo Selection

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Didn’t do much during the holiday, but that’s what holiday is for right? doing nothing and lay in bed, haha~  Well, can’t say I really did nothing at all, I did do something, I did one thing that I haven’t done a lot since I started writing.  Stock photography, it has been a while since I last uploading anything to my stock photography sites.

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Beaver VS Porcupine At The Tacoma Zoo | Washington


Beaver VS Porcupine At Tacoma Zoo, Washington

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Snow!!!! Oh Wait, It’s Gone ….

 Snow In Snowqualmie

Snow!!!!  Oh Wait, It’s Gone …

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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013 – New Year Day Lunch

Lumaca Photography | Greek Restaurant

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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013 – New Year Eve Meal

Lumaca Photography | Baby Taro Chicken Stew

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