Seattle Travel Diary | Bellevue Nightscape-02

Seattle Photo | Bellevue Nightscape

Nightscape Of Bellevue City – Bellevue City At Dusk


These photos were taken right before the night completely taken over.   The sky of Bellevue were completely cover by clouds, which I like, because clouds usually make interesting pictures, especially right before dark.

Seattle Photo | Bellevue Nightscape

Seattle Photo | Bellevue Nightscape

A little bit of Bellevue skyline.  I saturated the blue to see what will happen.  I know not too many people like such saturated sky, I normally don’t my self, but for some reason, I find the over saturated dark blue sky very attractive, and hypnotic …

Bellevue Photo | Bellevue Nightscape

It doesn’t take long before the daylight completely went out.  There’s a only a little bit left in the lower corner.  The city is ready for the second half of a full day!

Seattle Photo | Bellevue Nightscape

By this time, the sun has completely set.  The light you see in the background is the light emitted by the city, reflecting back to ground by the thick cloud that day.  Maybe there are still some light far in the horizon, but it is time for the city to take over.

Seattle Photo | Bellevue Nightscape

It’s hard for me to find an opening view of Bellevue city from where I was.  I did manage to find this crack among bushes and trees and catch a glimpse of Bellevue night look.

/Lumaca Moderno

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