My New Favorite Super Dark Show – The End Of The F***ing World

Watching a new show on Netflix, it’s freaking DARK!! Right up my alley~  At the same time it’s sweet and funny and freaky, sometimes.  The two main characters make such a strong contrast to it’s darkness, a twist on Bonnie and Clyde with a touch of Dexter.  Love it!  Its the kind of show that I can’t watch with anybody around me, I don’t let people into this part of my soul that easily.  Actually, come to think of it, never wanted to, except to one person, it seems unlikely now, but we might still make it, we shall see.  I should make friends with some strangers who like this kind of stuff so I am not so lonely in this department~

Not a spoiler, but epi 5 is sweet, probably defined true love better than anything else, and starting from epi 6 and 7, it started to get funny, I mean, it was funny before, but very subtle, they really get it on by 6.

Anywhoo, it’s great so far, hope it will stay that way.