Seattle Travel Story | Cherry Blossoms At Fall City Part II

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Dream Of Cherry Blossoms Part II – Fall City, Washington, USA


Continue from part I, more cherry blossoms photos from Fall City, the pink and purple shall continue :)

Endless pinkish blossoms trying to reach the sky.

It would be so nice if the driving through these blossoms can keep on going and going.

Walking under these awesome blossoms is like having a beautiful surreal dream you never want to forget.

Look up and a cloud of blossoms meet your eye, this view is actually better than the rare blue sky we have here in Washington.

Riding the bike under the beautiful cherry blossoms must have been dreamy.  I wish I have my bicycle with me that day as well.

At the end of the post, I will throw in a photo I purposely blur when taking it and my experimental post processing make it look like a painting, this is new for me, I have never done this before.  This whole experiment with post processing thing is fun, maybe I should do it more often.

This is it for this series, I hope you enjoyed them as I have enjoyed experimenting with them.  Obviously, if you are not a fan of heavy post processing or are more drawn to the traditional and natural look of nature and landscape photos, you won’t like this series, but please bear with me, I will get back to normal soon :)

If you are reading this first, you must also read part I:  Fall City – Dream of Cherry Blossom I

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