Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013 – New Year Eve Meal

Lumaca Photography | Baby Taro Chicken Stew


The first day of Chinese New Year is on Saturday this year.  I was actually planning to go to China Town in Seattle to take photos of the celebration.  But plan changed at the last moment, instead, we are going to celebrate Chinese New Year with my mother in law in Spokane.  One thing is for sure when visiting my mother in law – there will be good food.  My mother in law is a very good cook and she cooks great Chengdu dishes.  Just thinking about her cooking makes me slob all over.  Even though we have to drive very far to get to Spokane, but with the promise of good food and good company to celebrate Chinese New Year, its worth the trip.

Sure enough, as soon as we get there, the Baby Taro Chicken Stew is already cooked.  We can smell it as soon as we step into the house.  What a great smell, it makes me hungry right away.  Just look at the color, it’s very attractive isn’t it?  Today will be a very good day for my taste buds.

Lumaca Photography | Twice Cooked Pork

After the Baby Taro Chicken Stew was cooked, another Chengdu famous dish is in the making – the Twice Cooked Pork.  She uses the fresh small green chili pepper in this dish.  The green chili pepper is so hot that everything touches it will become as hot.  Well, I have not ate hot and spicy food in a while and this is a good occasion to start again.  Of course, I must first get all the cold drink ready before I start, it’s a matter of life and death.

Lumaca Photography | Cantonese Sausage And Cured Meat

After two main dishes, we have these Cantonese sausages and cured meat on the supporting role.  The sauce for them is a traditional Sichuan hot sauce.  This is a combination of Sichuan and Cantonese style, I can’t wait to try them.

Lumaca Photography | Baby Taro Chicken Stew

Finally, it’s on the table, we are almost ready to eat!!  The look of the Baby Taro Chicken Stew is so attractive I can’t help my self but to post another photo of it.  Just look at the photo, are you guys hungry yet?

Lumaca Photography | New Year Eve Meal

Well, this is our new year eve meal, it’s more than abandon considering there’s only three of us.  The stars here are the Baby Taro Chicken Stew and the Twice Cooked Pork, with vegetable stir-fry, Cantonese sausages, Cantonese cured meat and seaweed soup as the supporting cast.  We ate well and we are very full at the end, it was a wonderful dinner.  Here I want to thank mother for all her effort and hard work in making this amazing new year meal :)

/Lumaca Moderno

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