Beaver VS Porcupine At The Tacoma Zoo | Washington


Beaver VS Porcupine At Tacoma Zoo, Washington

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Notification: Announcing The Launch Of Exotic Washington

I am very happy to announce that the new site Exotic Washington is up and running and working well :)  From now onward, all articles related to the beautiful State of Washington will be post at Exotic Washington and this site My Camera Diary will only provide links to all the State of Washington Related postings.  However, all photos will still be uploaded to the gallery on this site.

The goal of Exotic Washington is to provide all information about the State of Washington.  It’s a big goal and it is no where near that right now.  But with your support, it will slowly grow and eventually be the ultimate guide for the State of Washington.  If you have liked My Camera Diary, I am sure you will like Exotic Washington.  I thank you in advance for your support for the new site :)


Snow!!!! Oh Wait, It’s Gone ….

 Snow In Snowqualmie

Snow!!!!  Oh Wait, It’s Gone …

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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013 – New Year Day Lunch

Lumaca Photography | Greek Restaurant

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Celebrating Chinese New Year 2013 – New Year Eve Meal

Lumaca Photography | Baby Taro Chicken Stew

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