Beaver VS Porcupine At The Tacoma Zoo | Washington


Beaver VS Porcupine At Tacoma Zoo, Washington


Going through my phone photo and found this.  I think this was last summer, at the Tacoma Zoo where we found two beavers are defending their turf against an approaching porcupines.


It was a surprisingly intense battle between the two species, its almost like watching an episode on Discovery Channel or National Geography, but this all happened in a display area in the zoo!!


Its an intense back and forward battle, with the porcupine not giving up, and the beavers determine on standing their ground and not giving an inch, both parties constantly retreating and advancing.  It’s so intense that my blood actually pump up by a bit.

At the end, it was the porcupine who decides it’s not worth it, it’s not like there’s better pasture on the other side anyway, it’s just a display room after all, all this battle is actually a battle for right of way, lol~

Who know going to the zoo would be this exciting?  I should really go more.